Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Georgia On My Mind

1st of all, thank you to those who donated money to help purchase much needed items for those affected by the historic flooding in south carolina!

We were able to purchase $200 worth of supplies!
I have pics of us shopping and dropping everything off but the pics are on the phone here and it keeps saying the memory is to low to post the pics.


So when that gets worked out I will post all the pictures.

I've been having to post on the cell the last few times because our computer wasn't working(again). That's why my lasts few blog posts have had a million typos and the layout isn't the greatest. But good news! It started working again! Now all I need is WiFi.

We arrived in Washington georgia on Monday. We had to go an extra hour out of our way to avoid some closed roads and bridges in south Carolina.

I love georgia!

The land is gorgeous and the homes...

There are over a 100 antebellum homes in this area.

I have pictures but again with the low memory thing.
We are heading to the middle of georgia today and boondockinv in southern georgia the day after.
We are making our way to Florida-yay!

Though the weather here in Georgia has been great too. It's been about 80 and sunny.

Mama like.

Got to run
. we are eating lunch real quick before heading out.

Many blessings the mama

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