Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The rains subside

The rain finally stopped yesterday after a week of downpours. The water was laying everywhere. The ground couldn' t absorb anymore. Bug we have beautiful sunny skies today and 80 degree weather! The ground is firmer which is good since we are pulling out today and heading to southern SC for a few days. Awe are stopping by a shop to get our one tire replaced . then it's a 3 hour treck( which means 4 with stops).
The leg after that is proving difficult. With most campgrounds under water in SC and road closures we have to figure out what we want or can do. We are thinking about heading south west to Georgia but we also don't want to catch any of the Appalachians.
The kids are wanting to he
Get to Florida as soon as possible so we. Can stay for a few weeks.
We will see the Biltmore Mansion tomorrow.
Thank you all for the prayers! So glad Joaquin turned out to sea! We had enough rain as it was. The area we left thursday around Williamsburg had water knee deep 12 blocks in from shore.
They are doing more evacuations in Columbia SC because they think the dam will break. Prayers for all the families affected by the floods.
We were worried about the new place we are heading because its right on the SC/NC line. We weren't sure how much rain they got but I talked to our hosts and they only got about an inch and half. Yet 35 miles away from them, is underwater. Crazy.
Out stay with our last hosts,Dick and Carmen, was such a treat! They let us take showers, watch TV and pretty much treat their home as if it were ours. That was especially nice given the bad weather that left us cooped up in the trailer.  We were even able to do our laundry there and Carmen gave the kids some food that first night when we were waiting for the roadside assistance to fix our tire.
OK, our other tire is fixed now and we are hitting the road.
Many blessings
The mama

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