Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kitchen Remodel in Progress

So we have been remodeling our kitchen for the past few months.  We moved the layout around  and added a few cabinets, new countertop, sink, tiled the floor(this was done by some one way more skilled than us) and so forth.  It is still in progress with a subway tile backsplash and cabinet doors that still need to be put up.

But I suppose the rest of the house is  more under the 'refurbish' category. Tearing up lots of carpet again, painting that kind of thing.

Here is one of the projects we have done so far in the kitchen:

These are our small flight of stairs that go from our kitchen up to the landing on our stairs.  It had really bad carpet on them so I just tore that up.  And I was left with stairs in not terrible condition.  The white was not on there originally.  I had already added that in this picture.  There was some weird tape stuff that had been used to keep the carpet in place where it is painted white.  It was pretty smooth but I could not get the stuff off.  So 2 coats of white paint and it disappears!

Even though there wasn't any thick carpet glue on this wood(praise God!), there was still a bit of residue as you can see above.  So i just hand sanded a bit to smooth that out some.

Then I just added 2 coats of  satin warm brown paint!  
As you can tell, you can't see any of that glue residue anymore(insert happy dance).

And here was the finished product!

They go so nicely with the beadboard we put up on the bottom half of the kitchen walls.

When the glorious day finally arrives that we are all done with our kitchen, I will post before and afters!

Many Blessings!
The Mama

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