Friday, March 22, 2013

The Best Homemade Chicken and Dumplings!

I have been searching for a good chicken and dumpling recipe for a looong time.  It seems they all just used canned biscuits which just aren't dumplings in my opinion.  I need those kind of chewy, denser dumplings.

Well I finally found THE recipe!  And where did I find this fabulous recipe? Pinterest of course!

It is SO easy and quick!  It was a hit with everyone in our family on Thursday for lunch.  I couldn't have timed it any better as the meal was just mild enough to be ok on everyone's sensitives stomach's (read previous posts for an update on our current epidemic).

So here is my wonderful bowl of Chicken and Dumplings:

ok the lighting was crap and it looks kind of like gruel, but you can see those good dumplings in there and chunks of chicken!

So here is the link from pinterest:

The only thing I did different than the recipe was use a rotisserie chicken at the store.  I already had the meat all pulled off it the day before waiting to be thrown in( i used all the meat).  I also added some of the flour that was still on my island from where I rolled the dumplings out to help thicken the broth up.  I would say I added about 2T from that in addition to the sprinkling of flour between the layers of dumplings that I added to the broth.  That 2T was a little too much.  I would have liked it a bit soupier.  

If I would have had some more chicken broth on hand I would have added a bit more at the end to thin it but, alas, that was not the case.  No one commented on the thickness of it so it wasn't a big deal, just something I will be aware of next time.

And I made the recipe using the exact measurements which said it would serve 8 and for our family of 7( ok 6 because Little Miss didn't have any)  it ended up perfectly for most everybody to have seconds.  Though  a couple of us were still recovering from "the epidemic" so we didn't eat as much as usual .

I would double it next time to be sure we had a few leftover bowls of goodness for the next day!

And everyone commented on how very filling it was too which is always a plus when feeding our crew.

Happy Eating!
The Mama

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