Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sick Little Girly

Little Miss is officially sick. 

(napping with her daddy)


Not boo to napping with her dad but boo to Little Miss being sick.

I could tell she didn't feel well yesterday as she stayed on my lap most of the day and just snuggled.  Anyone who has a 10 month old knows that is NOT normal.

Little Miss had a congested nose so i thought maybe just a cold since she didn't feel warm.  But then last night at about 9:30 she started fussing which never happens that early.  We waited it out a little bit to see if she would go back to sleep but that wasn't happening so I went up to her room.

When I picked her up her front was soaked, which isn't totally unusual.  Little Miss always is on her belly and she will rub her little hands all over her face and she gets snot and drool everywhere.  We can always tell how long she's been up by how wet the front of her hair is lol

But it was more soaked then usual. I flipped on the light to see and she had indeed thrown up everywhere.  Poor thing.

So we gave Little Miss a bath and rocked her back to sleep.  She had thrown up a bit more this morning and has just been snuggling all morning now.

As much as I say to her," Just sit still for a second!"  I don't like this kind of sitting still =(

Little Miss felt maybe a tad warm this morning so I'll recheck her this afternoon.  I kind of hope she has a fever just because she hit her head the other day on something and you worry about that kind of thing being an aneurysm or something.

So prayers for Little Miss to make a speedy recovery would be much appreciated!

Many Blessings,
The Mama

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